Sensom is the creation of owners Lee Clements and Andrew Cushing. Having renovated an old Masonic Hall in Newcastle and establishing the incredibly successful, much loved Sensom Health and Wellbeing Centre, Lee & Andrew were gently looking for a piece of land; somewhere to create an added space for retreats for guests to take time to slow down and re connect with themselves. Life delivers the unexpected to all of us at times, and so it was that this beautiful property into our ‘Inbox’. And so the journey began: To establish Sensom here at Sapphire Beach, reusing, recycling and re-creating; two of Lee and Andrew’s inspirations. Both having been quite the intrepid travellers during their lives - they had quite a collection of trinkets, furniture pieces, antiques, art and eclectic treasures from around the world…. And so Sensom was recreated in another ‘life form’; for rest, relaxation and restoration!

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