Covid-19 Update: 2021

Please read our T&C's regarding staying with us at Sensom before you make your booking direct or through a booking platform. We are unable to offer refunds, however if you book direct with us and a cancellation of your booking is required due to Covid travel restrictions then we offer to only direct bookings a credit of up to 12 months. If you book through a booking platform, you are governed by the terms and conditions set at the time of your booking; if you book a 'Non Refundable' rate then you are governed by that policy without exception.

We have a registered Covid Safety Plan with NSW Department of Health. All guests will be required prior to staying to provide in writing that they are COVID free (evidence of Covid free test prior to arrival) and have not stayed or visited areas of high risk within 14 days of staying with us. On arrival at Sensom you will be asked to complete an online QR code registration and use hand sanitiser provided when arriving or departing the property. We are unable to accept bookings if you have recently returned from overseas and have been in hotel quarantine. We value the health and safety of all guests and ask for your cooperation in these uncertain times. Refusal to comply with our terms and conditions will result in you forfeiting your booking with Sensom. No refund or credit of your booking will be given either via direct booking with Sensom Luxury Accommodation or via an online booking platform.

We will continue to review government guidelines to this decision in light of future developments for travel within NSW/Australia.

If you want to enquire about a stay with us at Sensom Luxury Accommodation or need to discuss a current future booking with us, please call us direct on +61 (02) 6653 7700.